At-Home Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Need some peace and quiet for a little while? Send the kids off on a scavenger hunt through your home. There have been tons of ideas put out on the internet – both indoors and outdoors. So whether it’s nice enough to venture outside or the temperatures aren’t quite there yet you can still put them on a mission to find things.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

Find a fork

Find something that is red

Find a tissue box

Find 3 things that have wheels

Find an orange crayon

Find something that is very soft

Find a band-aid

Find a key

Find 2 socks that match

Find something round

Find a sticker

Find a rubber band

Find a pair of glasses

Find an envelope

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

Find a tree

Find a purple flower

Find a butterfly

Find a ladybug

Find grass

Find a puddle

Find a green leaf

Find a bird

Find a spider

Find a bunny

Find a feather

Find a yellow flower

Find ants

Find a cloud

Of course you can alter these scavenger hunt lists to fit what you have in your home or outside around your home, but, nonetheless, it’s a great way to keep the kids entertained while also giving their brains a little workout.

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