Green Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaners

Best Eco-Friendly Green Bathroom Cleaners

By: Samantha Green

Many of today’s leading cleaning agents contain synthetic dyes, chlorine bleach, and ammonia. We all want a germ-free bathroom, but the chemicals and fumes that come along with it are unfavorable to say the least. Cleaning is bad enough as it is, why should our environment and lungs have to suffer, too? This is why we’ve rounded up our top choices for green, eco-friendly cleaning products for a cleaner house and a cleaner environment.

1. Method

Natural & organic


Recycled packaging, ethically sourced

Use renewable energy

Bio-diesel shipping

2. Mrs. Meyer’s

Natural & organic

Renewable plant materials (when possible)

Biodegradable formulas

25% Post Consumer Plastic

Ingredient glossary on their website

Natural scent

3. JR Watkins

Natural & organic

Eco-friendly packaging

Biodegradable products

All-purpose cleaner

4. Seventh Generation

Natural & organic

Recycled packaging

Sustainably sourced

5. Simple Green Naturals


Biodegradable formula

100% naturally source ingredients

Scent derived from essential oils

eco-friendly cleaner

6. Attitude Bathroom Cleaner

Natural & vegan

Plant and mineral-powered formula

EcoLogo certification

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