How Do Toilets Work in Space?

By: Will Naylor Whether you’re in your living room or orbiting thousands of miles above Earth, when you gotta go you gotta go! But when you’re in the middle of space, something simple like going to the bathroom can turn into a major challenge. It’s kinda gross to think about [...]
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How To Unblock a Drain

By: Samantha Green Excess water on your lawn, gargling drains, or a toilet backing up all sound like signs that you might have a blocked drain! While a blocked outside drain usually requires the help of a professional to give it a good clearing and cleaning, a minor indoor drain blockage can [...]
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What’s a Smart Toilet?

By: Connor Sacco Many people in America have never heard of smart toilets. However, in Japan, it’s a different story where in the early 1980s, electric bidets and smart toilets were introduced and became very popular. Despite their success in Japan and some other regions of the world, smart [...]
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