Craft Ideas to Entertain Kids in Quarantine

Isolation can be overwhelming, and so can keeping the kids occupied while you’re trying to keep up with work and daily tasks. To take away from the daily stress and frustrations, consider a family craft night.

There are plenty of craft ideas out there for kids of all ages and skill levels. From the wee littles to the bigger kids, crafts are a way for them to use a creative outlet that takes their mind off quarantine and brings a little calm to their lives.

DIY Jellyfish:

Grab some paper plates and yarn to turn them into jellyfish you can hang up somewhere in the house. If you have some, or can go to the store, use glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint for “real life” bioluminescence when the lights go out.

Tissue Box Monsters

Round up those empty tissue boxes lying around the house and some construction paper to make a tissue box monster. You can use little pieces of tissue or pom poms to “feed” the monster and even turn it into a game for the littles.

Flight School

Another way to bring a little competition to the house is with a flight school challenge. Start by making paper planes for the kids. Then, take bigger pieces of cardboard and cut holes in them for the kids to fly their planes through. Give each hole a point value and see who can get the most points.

Thumbprint Family Tree

This can be both crafty and educational when you use thumbprints to create your own family tree. You can use thumbs to create leaves and start mapping out your family and other relatives.


One of the easiest ways to create a work of art to hang up in your house is a collage. Take watercolor doodles, stickers, cut-out construction paper and other pictures that can be incorporated into the collage for a cool design.

Window Art

This craft seems to have moved up the popularity list with everyone being at home. If you don’t have or want to use paint on your windows, grab transparency sheets and water for the kids to “paint” the windows and create their own little artwork.

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