How to Fix An Intermittently Running Toilet

Does your toilet sound like it’s constantly running or refilling? This kind of sound can occur intermittently or as frequent as every minute and usually means your toilet is losing water. If you are experiencing a running toilet, you may have an internal/external leak or an issue with your flapper. Follow these simple steps towards finding a solution!

Checking Your Toilet for Leaks

  1. Test if your flapper is leaking by marking the water level of your tank with a pencil.
  2. Turn your water supply off. Wait for a minimum of 25 minutes. If your water level drops below the pencil mark, you have a leak in your tank.
  3. Leave the water off for a couple hours and see where the water level drops to.

Possible Solutions

  • If the water level drops to the flapper, your flapper is leaking and needs to be replaced
  • If it drops to a point on your overflow tube or your tank drain completely, your flush valve needs to be replaced
  • If your tank is not leaking and your toilet is constantly running or water is rising into flush valve overflow tube, your fill valve is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced or serviced

Tip: Before replacing damaged parts, shut off the water to your toilet by locating the valve in the wall behind it & turning it clockwise. Flush the toilet & remove the part; then take it with you to the store to ensure you buy an exact match. The sound of running water is now a thing of the past — and you’ll have the lower water bill to prove it!

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Kelsey Outram

This is great advice for everyone to know! Many people don’t know how to tell if their flapper is leaking or if to know if their flush valve needs to be replaced. Good looking out for everyone guys, great info!

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