How to Install Drywall: Simple Step by Step Guide

By: Connor Sacco

If you’re reading this right now, you probably aren’t too sure how to install drywall. That’s okay because we’re here to teach you the basics of installing drywall!

But first, what even is drywall? Drywall describes the panels used in the construction of walls and ceilings of houses and buildings. These panels are made of calcium sulfate dehydrate, or ‘gypsum’. Until about the 1950s, lath and plaster were used in construction of walls and ceilings before being replaced by drywall, which is a quicker and easier alternative.

How to Install Drywall

  1. Measure the wall’s surfaces and ceilings that you plan on drywalling.
  2. Decide on whether you will install drywall panels horizontally or vertically.
  3. Make sure when attaching drywall, to attach the ceiling panels first.
  4. Using your measurements figure out how much drywall you need to cut off each panel. Use a T-square and a sharp knife to score a line out of the panel, and break off the piece of the unneeded drywall.
  5. Attach the drywall panels to all ceiling joints and perimeter framing using drywall screws. Be sure to space all screws about 12 inches apart. Screw in the screws as deep as you can without breaking the paper.
  6. When attaching drywall panels to the walls, attach them to the top first and make sure they are pressed tightly up against the ceiling panels. On the walls, be sure to space screws roughly 16 inches apart.
  7. When installing the bottom drywall panels, leave a half-inch gap between the bottom of the panels and the floor.
  8. After all the drywall panels have been placed, sand each panel either by hand or with an orbital sander.
  9. Final step: before you begin painting, you must remove any and all dust off of the drywall panels using a wet cloth.
  10. Once you’ve finished sanding and touching up with a wet cloth, your wallboards are now ready for primer and paint!

Hanging drywall is not very difficult if you are patient, have the right tools and maybe a friend to lend a helping hand.

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MY favorite part of this article was when it explained that you need to decide if the panels of drywall will be installed vertically or horizontally before you apply it. One of my friends is remodeling her basement and she is looking for building supplies, such as drywall, to accomplish this project. She told me that her husband has been looking online for different companies and comparing their reviews and prices to make the best decision.

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