How to Relight Your Water Heater Pilot Light

A cold, shiver runs up your spine as you step into your shower. Brrr. No hot water?! If you own a gas water heater, this can mean one of two things. Either the gas supply has been shut off, or your pilot light is out. Once you check to make sure the shut-off valve connected to your gas line is in “ON” position, it’s time to check out that pilot light.

The pilot light ignites your water heater’s burner to heat the water. So if the pilot light goes out, there’s nothing to ignite the burner and heat the water. Follow these simple steps to relight your water heater’s pilot light so you don’t catch a cold in the shower!

Step One: Remove/Open Cover On Water Heater

Remove the cover of your water heater to find the pilot light, which should be located under the gas valve. Some gas water heaters may not have a cover, in that case, the pilot light will be in an open area.

Step Two: Use a Flashlight

Having someone to shine a light or using a head lamp while working will help since most heaters are located in the basement. The pilot light will have two gas tubes leading up to it.

Step Three: Find the Gas Knob

Once you locate the gas knob on your heater, be sure to turn it to “pilot”. Press and hold down. This will start the flow of gas so that you can easily ignite the pilot light. You may also find your water heater has just has one button for pilot mode. In this case, simply press down to start gas flow.

Step Four: Light the Pilot Light

While continuing to press down on the gas knob, light the pilot. There may be a separate button that will light it for you, or it may need to be lit manually with a long lighter. (Watch your fingers!)

Step Five: Make Sure Pilot Stays Lit

After the pilot light has been ignited, continue gas flow to the flame for a full minute by continuing to press down on the button. Slowly release after 60 seconds and monitor the flame to ensure it stays lit.

Step Six: Turn Gas Knob “On”

Switch the gas knob from “pilot” to the “on” position. Listen for a “whoomp” sound when the main burner ignites.

After you’ve followed these six-steps, replace the cover to your water heater and enjoy the simple pleasure of a hot shower again!

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Samantha Nichols

I also have a way that makes light the pilot in your water heater. Its process is that press the pilot light
knob – light up the pilot light – turn on the water heater.

Samantha Nichols

I hope that my way is useful to someone. Besides, I really like your contents so I don’t have any reasons to unfollow them.

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