How to Relight a Water Heater Pilot Light

A cold, shiver runs up your spine as you step into your shower. Brrr. No hot water?! If you own a gas water heater, this can mean one of two things. Either the gas supply has been shut off, or your pilot light is out. Once you check to make sure the shut-off valve connected to your gas line is in “ON” position, it’s time to check out that pilot light.

When you notice that you no longer have hot water, the first step to diagnosing the problem is to check the pilot light.

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The process of relighting a water heater pilot light is completely different for each manufacturer. Fortunately, there are only a few manufacturers!

How to Light a Rheem Water-Heater Pilot

Rheem water-heater pilot light need to be manually lit using the piezo ignitor striker built into the water-heater.

  1. Rotate the gas knob on your Rheem water-heater clockwise until it is in position.
  2. Rotate the water-heater temperature dial counterclockwise until it is set temperature setting. Wait five minutes to allow any gas in the water-through.
  3. Lift the outer door off of your Rheem water-heater. Rotate the gas knob counterclockwise until it is in the “Pilot Light” position.
  4. Push down the red button to the left of the gas knob. Hold the red button pressing the piezo ignitor striker, found to the immediate right of the gas until the pilot light is relight. You can see the pilot light through the viewing window on the water-heater’s inner door. Continue to hold down the red button for one minute after the pilot light is lit, and then release it. The pilot light will remain lit.
  5. Reattach your water-heater’s outer door. Rotate the gas knob “On.” Set the hot-water temperature dial to your preferred water temperature.  

How to Light an A.O. Smith & State Water Heater Pilot

A.O. Smith water heaters, including the Conservationist model, use a piezoelectric igniter system that allows you to light the pilot by pushing the ignition button

  1. Take the access panel off the side of the A.O. Smith or State water heater at the hand. Set the panel out of the way.
  2. Turn the gas control knob on the side of the water heater to the “Off” allow the room to air out for approximately 10 minutes.
  3. Set the gas control knob to the “Pilot Light” position. Push down on the red let the gas run to the burner assembly.
  4. Press down on the ignitor button while holding the red set button, until pilot light come on. You may have to press the ignitor button a couple pilot is lit.
  5. Hold the red set button down for about a minute after the pilot is lit, button up. Turn the gas control knob to the “On” position.
  6. Place the access panel back onto the side of the water heater.

How to Light a Bradford White Water-Heater Pilot

  1. Turn the water heater off on the control panel
  2. Let the water heater sit for 5 minutes to release gas
  3. Turn the control switch to pilot light mode
  4. Press the red control button in for a few seconds and while pressing in, button every few seconds
  5. Listen for a click and the water heater status light should start blinking ignites
  6. Let go of the red control button
  7. Turn the red control button to the hot position. If the pilot light does not stay lit or will not relight, a bigger problem could be the cause for your loss of hot water.

Messing with the gas in your home can be a scary comfortable, reach out to your trusted neighborhood plumber and we back to your warm showers in no time! Call 1-Tom-Plumber, we’re already on the way!

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I also have a way that makes light the pilot in your water heater. Its process is that press the pilot light
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