Ways to Make Your Home More Functional During COVID-19

We’re all spending a lot more time at home now thanks to COVID-19. Since becoming pros at social distancing and staying home, you may feel like the four walls of your home are either closing in on you or could be used in much better ways than you’re currently using them.

If you want to improve the functionality of your home during this time of quarantine, check out these ideas:

Give yourself a dedicated working space in your home. This is important because it gives you the ability to concentrate better and get more work done. If you’re moving from room to room, then it’s easier to get distracted. If you can, set up a workspace in a spare bedroom and include a desk – replicating your workspace at the office.

You may want to redesign parts of your home, since its become an office space, gym, meditation area, classroom, and is still where you live. Put something as simple as a folding table in a room so that your kids have their own dedicated space for educational purposes. If you have equipment in your garage or basement, set it up the way it’s set up in a gym so that it’s more functional when you use it, and maybe even inspires you to actually get up and use it.

You can also make your home more functional during COVID-19 by decluttering and getting rid of things in your home you don’t use, need, or have any purpose for. Removing the clutter can make your home feel more open, which in turn can make it feel like it’s a little easier to breathe in your space and not like everything is going to start falling down on top of you.

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